The Range

Our Club has been established in March 2011. Members of the club mainly deal with sport- and hunting archery, but we kindly welcome any categories, be it traditional-, compound- or even crossbow.

We have a naturally lit range with enough space for 8-10 archers shooting simultaneously. The main part of the range is 15 long, there’s a smaller, 10 m long (learning) part but we also have the possibility to shoot even 28 m on demand.

The range is open for anyone, skilled archers can practice independently after reading and understanding the Rules of the Shooting Range. Beginners are helped and instructed by either the Supervisor or other skilled club members. Children under the age of 14 can only attend the range under the supervision of an adult over 21 years. We provide equipment on demand.

Our prices:
(Fees are valid for the whole opening hours on the same day! No hourly fees!)

  • Adults: 1100 Ft
  • Bow and arrow rental: 500 Ft
  • 10-pass ticket 9000 Ft, equipment included on demand
  • Kids/students under 16 ys: 800 Ft, equipment included on demand
  • 10-pass ticket for kids under 16: 7000 Ft, equipment included on demand
We sell gift passes too.