Range Rules

Anyone entering the range for the first time is obliged to record his/her name and contact in the Range Log. No archery may be started without this.

Archers are obliged to record their name in the Daily Log. Range Supervisor is to check and demand this. No archery may be started without this.

Signing the Daily Log the archer states that he/she is present at the Range on his/her own responsibility, and he/she is responsible for any damage or injury occured on his/her behalf.

Any children under 14 can be present at the Range under the supervision of an adult over 21.

The Range Supervisor is responsible for the order at the Range, his warnings and demands the archer must keep. The Range Supervisor has the right to rule out any archer from the day’s training.

Any equipment owned by the Club, or any private equipment may be toushed or used only on the permission of the Range Supervisor or the owner.

Arrows must be shot from the designated shooting line only.

Range Supervisor may define or restrict the number of arrows shot per round. At a higher headcount archers may shoot in rounds.

Archers shall retrieve the arrows at the same time, when all bows are put down.

Shooting may only be started when archers are sure the shooting lane is clear and there’s no one in front of the shooting line.

Only safe and well maintained equipment may be used at the Range.

Consuming food or beverages is only allowed in the lounge.